Mindfulness Surfing is taught are our drug rehabs near me

Mindfulness Can Be for Everyone

Is Mindfulness For Everyone? 

A mindfulness-based approach to sobriety can often be challenging to understand. Some people have an expectation of what recovery is supposed to look like. During my time at Centered Recovery, I’ve come to the realization that this mindfulness-based mental health program is for everyone. As an intern I observe the progress of other patients, participate in group, and learn more about the mind. My experience in this program is different yet so similar to those battling with addiction. Mindfulness allows us to make a connection between our thoughts, experiences, and behavior. It allows us to become much more intact with ourselves. 

Acknowledging Thought

The first two group sessions I attended I focused on being a listener rather than participating. I didn’t expect to become vulnerable, share my experiences, or even open myself up to mindfulness. However, this quickly changed when I realized that I related so much to the topics being discussed. I discovered that my thoughts didn’t need the attention I had always given them. I learned to instead acknowledge my thoughts and understand that I can’t control the outside world, but I can control how I react. 

Meditation for Anxiety

Throughout the sessions I’ve participated in meditation. It isn’t something I had ever given much thought but it has been very beneficial to my anxiety. The first time I experienced meditation in group was during a session with Paul a primary therapist. I felt so peaceful, relaxed, and was able to quiet my thoughts. But I wanted to be able to do this when my anxiety was at its peak. I found it easy to meditate when I wasn’t stressing, nervous, or overthinking. My anxiety causes shaking, shortness of breath, and an inability to concentrate. Previously, I had attempted to control my breathing but felt so overcome by my anxiety that I wouldn’t even bother trying to control my breathing.

Urge Surfing Meditation

It wasn’t until I sat in a group session led by Bianca that I was able to find the tools that would help me control my anxiety, actively listen, and thrive in any given situation. During this session Bianca had us do an exercise in which we closed our eyes and thought about surfing. She spoke about how calm and peaceful the ocean was.

I was able to control my breathing and enter a relaxed state of mind. After we finished this exercise, she had us close our eyes again. This time we would think of a difficult time in our lives. She wanted us to remember how we felt and the thoughts we had.

It immediately took me back to the time when my career ended with the Marine Corps because of a knee injury. I felt lost, depressed, and stressed. My family never expected me to fail and for years I believed that my career would be in the Marine Corps. At the time, I refused to see the bigger picture because I had tunnel vision. This career was all I had ever known.

Relief from Stress

During this exercise I felt very intact with my emotions. I felt my anxiety rise, the shortness of breath began, and I started to shake. Bianca then slowly led us back to the peaceful thoughts of surfing. I was able to focus on my breathing, acknowledge my thoughts, and quite my mind. This was the first time I had ever been able to control my anxiety and eventually make it stop. Since this exercise, I have been able to apply it to my everyday life. 

Our Drug Rehabs Help You Understand Yourself Through Mindfulness


While our drug rehabs in Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta and Alpharetta, Georgia use mindfulness, it is also used for everyday mental health. Many of our clients do not have substance abuse issues. They are seeking a better overall life. 

Understanding yourself, your thoughts, and your behaviors is key to living a healthier life. This program provides a meaningful education and frees you from unhealthy habits. Centered is also the only facility that specializes in executive mental health. Though my experience in this program has been from an intern’s point of view, I wanted to share how it has changed my life and how it can change yours. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or addiction, I hope you’ll give Centered a try! 

Call 800-556-2966 to find out more about Centered Recovery and if they can help you. 

by Stefanie M, Kennesaw State University Intern