Dopamine and Addiction

Dopamine and its Effect on Addiction

What is the association with dopamine and addiction? Addiction is frequently associated with non-medical self-administration of drugs and can be classified according to the neural mechanisms that they stimulate. When addictive substances in your body are combined with dopamine, an artificial setting is formed rather than the chemical flowing naturally.

Some substances mimic the neurotransmitter, misleading the brain into allowing those drugs to attach to neurons which heightens the effects of dopamine to dangerous levels. Over time, the brain begins to require more dopamine than regular production can provide.

Reward Center and Addiction

dopamine plays a big role in addiction as explained by our IOP drug rehabs Roswell team

When dopamine is released into the reward center pathways as a result of a positive event, your brain registers what sets off the sensation. Was it some sort of substance? Is it a habit? Were you with someone in particular? When you are exposed to those environmental cues, you will develop a desire to seek out the same pleasure. This drive can be quite strong, resulting in a difficult-to-control impulse.

What is Dopamine Dependence?

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that transfers nerve cell signals throughout the brain, can play a large part in developing an addiction.  Dopamine’s effects exhibit themselves in a variety of ways; however, it’s a complicated chemical that can lead to dependence in certain individuals. It’s critical for family members to understand what dopamine is, how it works, and why drug users continue to increase their drug intake to get a higher response from dopamine.

You can increase dopamine naturally by: 

  •  Exercise
  •  Reading
  •   Music
  •   Listening to Podcasts
  • Spending time with family and friends

Addiction Treatment

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