Feeling Alone in Your Addiction?

Feeling Alone in your addiction?

We know that quarantine can be tough for anyone to go through. But it can be particularly tough for those struggling with depression, anxiety, or addiction issues. Being removed from your normal every day routines may not sound like a big deal, but feeling isolated or unsure of yourself is a “normal” reaction, even in the simplest of times. Having weeks worth of quarantine, an endless barrage of news about Coronavirus, or uncertainty about your employment situation can be tough for even the most balanced of individuals.

You are not alone

But you certainly don’t have to do this alone! Reach out to a friend or loved one and let them know how you feel, and maybe be an ear for them as well! If you feel your recovery may be in jeopardy, please don’t hesitate! Call your sober buddy or sponsor, a local therapist you trust, or join a meeting. There are plenty of virtual options via Zoom, and many groups set up on Facebook that were designed specifically for people to have a safe place to reach out for help. Don’t feel ashamed if you need help during this time, and don’t let fear keep you from getting the help you need! 

Centered Recovery introduced our Virtual IOP program in January of 2019, so we’ve been providing an amazing virtual program for well over a year. Now is the perfect time to get started on your path to recovery.