April is Addiction Awareness Month!

Increasing Awareness

April is Addiction Awareness Month and Centered Recovery continues to promote awareness of substance and alcohol use among Americans in an effort to help de-stigmatize addiction. Addiction is truly not something that happens “in a bubble“, or only in “bad” areas. Addiction is widespread, and affects humans from every race, gender, religion, and socioeconomic status. Addiction often occurs with another mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, and contributes to the overall health of a community or organization.

Did you know? 

  • 11.7% of Americans 12 and over use illegal drugs.
  • 53 million or 19.4% of people 12 and over have used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs within the last year.
  • If alcohol and tobacco are included, 165 million or 60.2% or of Americans aged 12 years or older currently abuse drugs (i.e., used within the last 30 days).
    • 139.8 million Americans 12 and over drink alcohol.
    • 14.8 million or 10.6% of them have an alcohol use disorder.
    • 58.8 million people use tobacco.
    • 31.9 million use illegal drugs.
    • 8.1 million of 25.4% of illegal drug users have a drug disorder.
    • 2 million people or 24.7% of those with drug disorders have an opioid disorder; this includes prescription pain relievers or “pain killers” and heroin).

What you should know

If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol or substance, or use any unprescribed substance even sporadically to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression–there is help! Centered Recovery offers a full range of support from as little as one 90 minute group every other week to a full 25 hour per week program for adults over 18. Our clients are executives who deal with stress, performance anxiety, and/or burnout from careers, recent retirees who feel lost during the major life changes that come with later life, and parents who are overwhelmed with the way society demands we put everyone and everything but our own health first, to name a few. We offer flexible scheduling to allow busy Fortune 500 company employees the opportunity to attend in the morning or evening as their schedules allow, and parents to attend around their children’s sporting events. We offer a full program online to allow Georgian’s all over the state access our one of a kind Mindful Awareness education no matter how bad the traffic may be.

If you’re interested in seeing if Centered is right for you, give us a call at 800-556-2966.