Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Atlanta

Are you looking for a meaningful mental health IOP for your mental health needs? Anxiety, depression, and mental burn out often go hand-in-hand with substance use disorders. Many clients report that they first turned to alcohol or substances like Xanax or sleeping pills to help “turn down the noise” of anxiety or help them escape from their daily problems. Naturally, this only temporarily alleviates the suffering, and often makes the problems much worse. 

Mental Health IOP Drug Rehab Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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We know that addiction doesn’t just happen in a bubble. The huge overlap between addiction issues and other mental health issues means we often cannot treat one without treating the other. This is why Centered Recovery is announcing that we are now accepting patients who are simply struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and/or work burnout.

Our hope is that if we are able to help treat mental health issues earlier, we may be able to help some clients avoid the slippery slope of self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. 

Our outpatient drug rehabs Atlanta centers are experienced in holistic treatment for substance abuse. We succeed where many 12-step programs FAIL. In fact, the mindfulness strategies are also used to help anyone in everyday life. These tools will stay with you for a lifetime. They will enrich your life and help you live a less stressful life. 

Not your ordinary drug and alcohol treatment center program

Centered Recovery drug rehabs Atlanta has made a name for itself in the Atlanta area for being a completely different kind of treatment program from the start. Most of our clients have attempted going to AA meetings or even completed a 12 step program in the past, so they want something completely different.

All adults have likely taken a public school health class, so we don’t need to educate you about various drugs or alcohol. If drug education was enough to solve addiction, no one would need treatment! That’s why we developed our program to address what is missing in our client’s lives. Get a true understanding of how their psychological processes function.

They can work with life and everything that comes along rather than struggle against it. True freedom from suffering means that mental health is a natural byproduct of our substance abuse rhebailitation program, rather than something we have to work hard to attain. Finally, balanced and “centered” individuals don’t need to escape from the life they are living through a bottle of pills or drink, which means we are helping to create a healthier Atlanta, one client at a time. 

Are you ready for our drug rehabs Roswell, Georgia program? 


Our drug rehabs Roswell and Atlanta, Georgia team of doctors and counselors have dedicated their lives to your recovery. We succedd where the 12-step method fails. Our mindfulness techniques even help anyone who wants a riches a fuller life. These tools will last you for the rest of your life.

If you’re ready to move beyond your mental pain and suffering and start living a centered life, call us now at 800-556-2966. Learn more about our unique program with flexible scheduling. Morning and evening classes mean you can still participate in your family life and work.