individual therapy in outpatient treatment Roswell GA

What is therapy in Georgia for outpatient treatment like?

Clients often wonder what therapy looks like at our outpatient addiction treatment programs in Atlanta, roswell, Alpharetta, and Marietta, Georgia. Here are some typical questions about individual therapy in outpatient treatment we get at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that you may have, as well as their answers.

Common Questions about therapy during IOP addiction treatment


  • How many individual therapy sessions will I receive as part of my addiction treatment? Depending on the level of care you are in, you may receive individual therapy sessions with a licensed clinician as part of your outpatient addiction treatment at Centered Recovery’s drug rehab in Alpharetta, GA. The highest level of care, PHP, includes at least one 1-hour individual session each week, with access to clinicians and case managers throughout the week for emergency needs. IOP level of care also includes at least one 1-hour individual session each week. OP level of care includes one to two 1-hour individual sessions per month, as typically at this level of care our clients are returning to their new “normal” and OP level of care is typically used to maintain and support mental health and sobriety. 
  • What will we discuss in individual therapy? What you discuss in individual therapy is always up to you. Our primary focus is always the client, however, some clients may wish to include spouses or even children in family sessions so that their families can understand what they are going through, what they are working on, for full transparency with people who see them outside of treatment, and so that family members can see how best to support their loved one. You may wish to discuss your relationships, your past, your current stressors–anything you feel may be relevant to your addiction recovery process. 
  • How long are typical therapy sessions in our Georgia outpatient addiction treatment? Typical therapy sessions in outpatient programs are around one hour long. Most clinicians agree that an hour is ideal for a session in order to get the most therapeutic benefit. Many people don’t feel comfortable jumping right in to their problems or stressors, and need a few minutes to warm up first. All individual therapy sessions at Centered are for one-hour durations. 
  • What can a clinician do for me? Clinicians can often provide an outside perspective on your situation. They can help you work through situations you may be facing, and can help you create manageable goals for what may seem like huge mountains to climb in your life. Most of all, clinicians should provide a safe space for you to share your story, where you feel respected and without judgement. Clinicians can also help you speak with your loved ones about what you are going through and help provide a framework of how they can support you. Clinicians can be an integral part of your recovery journey! 

The Best Georgia Drug Rehabs Have Helped Where Other Centers Have Failed


We are considered one of the best Georgia drug rehabs because of our holistic approach. Mindfulness is not taught at 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. We understand that the 12-steps are not for everyone.

The clinicians at Centered Recovery understand the unique recovery journey our clients are on. They are well-versed in mindfulness-based addiction recovery and can help remind our clients of principles and tools they have learned in groups to be put to use on an individual level. If you’re interested in hearing more about our completely unique mindfulness-based program, please call 800-556-2966 to speak to us today!