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The Complete Guide to Holistic Drug Rehab: How It Can Change Your Life

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 The Complete Guide to Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

During your search for a treatment program, you may have come across the concept of holistic drug rehab programs. Sounds kind of interesting, right? Holistic drug rehab is founded on the concept of total wellness from a mind, body, and spirit connection. As a holistic drug rehab, Centered Recovery Programs understands how healing in recovery requires a balance of traditional and alternative approaches. We want to invite you to take the next few minutes to read this blog and fully immerse yourself in the world of holistic drug rehab! 

What is a Holistic Drug Rehab?

To understand the purpose of holistic drug rehab, you should first understand what it means to be holistic. To be holistic means looking at the whole picture – which includes the entire picture of your health! At Centered, we believe that mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and to treat addiction and mental health, we must look at the entirety of the human experience. Basically, treating just the physical body does not help the mind’s health and vice versa. Instead, we look at treatment from a whole perspective. The idea behind holistic drug rehab is not just freedom from addiction or mental health, but true and full well-being.  And that is what holistic drug rehab tackles! 

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What’s the Difference Between Holistic Drug Rehab and Regular Rehab?

It can be difficult to know what the exact differences are between holistic drug rehab and traditional drug rehab, but we are here to break it down! 

Typically, traditional drug rehab consistents of aspects like detox, medication management, and classic behavior therapy through group and individual sessions. Holistic drug rehabs have all of this, and then even more! With all the standard methods plus holistic treatment, alternative therapies are used in combination with standard treatment. Some holistic drug rehabs offer massages, yoga, and meditation classes, as well as art and expressive therapies. The idea is to integrate well-being into your lifestyle for lasting results in recovery! By looking at yourself through the lens of a person with addiction who is working to improve their well-being, you remove the label of being an addict or alcoholic. You become a person who is working to find freedom from unhealthy coping mechanisms through a healthy lifestyle and skills.

The Growing Trend of Holistic Drug Rehab Treatment

Recently, there has been a growing trend of holistic drug rehab programs and therapy treatments. You may be asking – why is there a sudden shift in holistic treatment? There are a few reasons for this change in direction.

First, people are realizing that approaching health from an integrated perspective can have profound impacts on their overall health. By incorporating aspects of traditional treatments such as medication, talk therapy, or support groups with holistic therapies, they are seeing positive changes in their overall well-being and health. Holistic treatment helps to emphasize the importance of getting ahead of the problem! Using preventative therapies that help overall happiness and health, the more protected we are from developing further illnesses of the body and of the mind.

Additionally, the idea of personalizing your healthcare to meet your needs is intriguing to people! Countless types of holistic treatments can be used to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and you can decide which treatments are right for you! This concept of choice and empowerment for your health can improve your stress and functioning because it’s in your hands. Holistic treatments are now even being recognized as effective and recommended within the scientific community and through mainstream healthcare. Even our insurance companies are starting to cover these types of treatments because they simply work! Now that you know why holistic treatments are so beneficial, let’s see which therapies may work for you!

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Types of Holistic Treatments

The best part about holistic drug rehab is that there are different avenues to choose from! Holistic treatments involve a wide range of therapies and techniques that each person can tailor to fit their needs and preferences for healing. You can even combine multiple therapies to enhance your holistic well-being on a stronger level. Let’s look at some of the most effective holistic drug rehab treatments!


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga-goer, this practice is a great place to start your holistic journey! Yoga helps learn to control your breathing, gain physical strength, and clear your mind. Basically, it’s created for your mind and body, and it lets you find a connection to your inner self. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Although meditation and mindfulness are separate practices, they do intertwine with each other and have the end goal of improving mental well-being. Regularly practicing meditation and mindfulness can combat anxiety and depression, and even lower your blood pressure! Some people enjoy starting their day with mindful intentions, and some like to end the day with a sleepy time meditation. Either way, the mental clarity this route offers can be incredibly beneficial with regular practice!

Massage and Acupuncture

While building mental muscle in recovery, it’s important to remember to relax the body. Methods such as massages, acupuncture, stretching, and chiropractic care aim to relieve stress and tension from the body for a variety of different physical discomforts. This can help reduce pain and stress, help calm the mind, and improve the body’s overall health and balance.

Art Therapy

Tapping into your creative side can be incredibly healing! Art therapy uses various creative expressions for emotional well-being, especially with topics that may be hard to talk about out loud. This allows people a safe, nonjudgmental way to let out their feelings or fears, which leads to feelings of relief, reduced stress, and personal growth.

Adventure Therapy

There’s nothing like the fresh outdoors, right? Adventure therapy works by engaging people in outdoor activities and fun like hiking, rock climbing, ziplining, and more! The goal is to help people build confidence, resilience, and accomplishment through tackling challenges. This helps increase mental fortitude, as well as physical health. Plus, being immersed in nature can produce a sense of calm and peace.


The sense of smell through aromatherapy can provoke strong feelings and using aromas to your advantage can boost your well-being. Certain essential oils are known to produce calming sensations like lavender, while others can increase energy and focus like peppermint. Many types of scents can improve your stress and mood!


Using breathing as a tool can have some profound effects on mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. There are plenty of breathwork exercises to choose from – some are easy to do at the moment for a few seconds to center yourself, while sometimes it can be a guided class. By refocusing through mindful breathing, your mind reduces stress and your body increases oxygen by calming the nervous system. 

Sound Therapy

Never underestimate the impact of sound! We all love music, right? Sound can be so healing, whether it is in the form of songs, vocals, instruments, or sound waves. Sound therapy helps in lowering anxiety and stress, as well as increasing focus and concentration. From a physical standpoint, your body calms down with sound therapy lowering blood pressure, pain, and cortisol, which also leads to better sleep! Talk about a wonder cure!

Nutrition and Exercise

For optimal physical well-being, incorporating proper nutrition and exercise into your recovery routine can have lasting impacts! Eating properly with a balanced diet and getting movement regularly can improve your mood, reduce cravings, and give you energy to tackle each day. The mental clarity that is provided, on top of the physical benefits, is worth the extra effort!

Equine Therapy

This approach uses the interaction with horses (yes, actual horses) to help clients! Equine therapy has been shown to help people decrease their anxiety and improve social skills. The bond that a person makes with their horse can be therapeutical calming and beneficial for healing.

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What are the Benefits of Holistic Drug Rehab?

Keeping in mind how much we now know about holistic therapies, it’s easy to see how important these aspects are to our overall health! And that includes your addiction treatment. Your recovery journey will involve all aspects of your well-being, including your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sides. Holistic drug rehab inherently provides an integrated treatment that helps to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit throughout your recovery. Since these aspects of yourself will always be different than another person, your treatment will be completely tailored to your needs and preferences.

At holistic drug rehab, we understand that addiction stems from various places. Often, addiction can be masking issues such as trauma, emotional and physical pain, stress, grief, and many other circumstances. Holistic drug rehab is well-trained in helping clients find awareness of underlying issues so that healthier coping skills can be developed to help find freedom from addiction. These communities are supportive and understanding, and we want to see you succeed. Going through holistic drug rehab can be a truly transformative experience beyond addiction and into true, authentic well-being!

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Effectiveness of Holistic Drug Rehab

Although holistic drug rehabs may be the new way of approaching addiction recovery, the main question is  – do they work? By focusing on the overall health of clients and working with them to tackle all aspects of life that may not be suited to their goals, holistic drug rehabs show promising results. This approach improves overall quality of life through healthy lifestyle changes and new coping skills.

Also, most holistic drug rehab programs offer personalization to their client’s treatment, which gives clients a sense of empowerment and choice in their life. Often, clients lack this control in their daily lives, leading to addiction, so increasing their control can be a first step toward recovery! When clients actively engage in their life changes, they are more motivated to stick with it! In the long term, holistic drug rehab programs have been extremely successful in instilling positive lifestyle changes, decreasing stress, preventing relapse, and sustaining recovery! So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn to experience the impact of holistic drug rehab for yourself!

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Why Centered Recovery is Georgia’s Top Holistic Drug Rehab

Those in active addiction are very much living their days in a reactive state and sometimes their thoughts dictate their actions and experiences. Their general awareness of themselves, others, and what is going on around them is very low. At Centered, we use holistic methods to improve mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning using mindfulness-based practices. Some of these practices include meditation, sound therapy, art therapy, breathwork, recovery yoga, and more! These basic yet powerful techniques allow people to become more aware of their thoughts, sensations, and situations. And then, they can decide and act appropriately with more purpose, compassion, and understanding.

The nonjudgmental portion is also very key. Most people with substance abuse problems are quick to be hyper-critical of themselves and others, and adopting a more accepting attitude can help to reduce much of the negativity associated with interpersonal relations and low self-esteem. Our holistic drug rehab helps to heal the emotional and mental aspects of addiction and the struggles that accompany addiction. In reality, there isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from it if they’re willing to try it. We hope you’ll take the time to read more of the information on this site, including some of the research and external resources, and contact us to learn more about our program!

Contact Centered Recovery for your Holistic Treatment Today!

Now that you know all about our holistic drug rehab program, contact us to get started! Centered Recovery Programs, located in the heart of Roswell, Georgia, is a mindfulness-based outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment program. When choosing the best holistic treatment program, keeping all these different aspects in mind is essential. Our staff will always tailor your treatment to your needs and goals for the future! 

Whether you prefer to attend treatment in person or need virtual Telehealth services, we can help! Centered Recovery has been providing meaningful, quality care to Georgia residents since 2017, and we have the most Google Reviews of any treatment provider in the state–all five stars!

If you have been considering holistic alcohol and drug rehab, or you have been struggling with mild mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, or burnout issues, and would like to understand the difference that a mindfulness-based program can make, please give us a call at 800-556-2966 to speak to one of our Admissions Team counselors today!

Written by Jennifer Lopes, BS Psy