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The Complete Guide to Self-Recovery Programs: Leveling Up Your Treatment

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The Complete Guide to Self-Recovery

Seeking treatment for any addiction can feel super daunting. But, a program made specifically for you to be fully private in your recovery? Sounds great, right?! The thing is, we need community when we begin our journey of healing. It is almost impossible to recover and heal by ourselves, regardless of what’s affecting us! At Centered Recovery, we understand the appeal of receiving treatment from the comfort of your own home, which is why we offer virtual treatment and in-person treatments. However, we have mastered the skill of creating community despite conversations being fully virtual. We invite you to spend a few minutes diving into the difference between self-recovery options and the program offered at Centered Recovery!

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The Emergence of Self-Recovery Programs

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, online rehab solutions were few and far between. The use of telemedicine for addiction treatment has exploded (boom!) following the pandemic, which created the need for online treatment options. More people are turning to online rehab because it is easy to access and overall, more convenient. Online rehab is great for people who struggle to attend in-person treatment. Is your schedule jam-packed? Are you located far away from any good support? Are you struggling with the stigma related to mental health care? If so, online IOP rehab treatment may be a great option for you. 

With online rehab comes the ease of fitting therapy into your daily rhythm. You can sit on your couch in your pajamas, with a coffee in hand (duh, of course), and join support and group sessions from the comfort of your home. Online rehab has been proven to be just as effective as traditional in-person treatment options. Evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivation enhancement therapy are not bound by the walls of a classroom. These treatments can easily be offered online, allowing you to receive equal quality of care from your home!

What is Self-Recovery?

A guided self-recovery program is an online course that was designed to help people recover from various substance use disorders at their own pace, on their own time. This program may be particularly useful for those who would rather work towards their recovery on their own, rather than being a part of traditional individual or group therapy settings. 

You have the freedom to complete the program at your own pace, which would allow you the flexibility to go through the material whenever it fits into your schedule. As long as you are a member of the program, you can access the program from anywhere. This may be ideal for those who have very busy schedules or live in more remote areas. This isn’t a typical AA program, and it attempts to provide resources that emphasize overall emotional well-being. 

The course content covers various themes such as compassion, belonging, tolerance, acceptance, and purpose. A few different therapeutic techniques are included, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as motivational enhancement therapy. 

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How Self-Recovery Works

Most guided self-recovery programs include some modules, or lessons, designed to help you get through the healing process. Within the modules are often many resources, such as videos to watch and questions to reflect on. Before you start, you’ll likely answer several questions meant to help decide what kinds of support would be most beneficial to you as it relates to your recovery. 

The modules allow you to learn more about many different topics. Do you want to understand how to heal? Do you want to understand why you feel the way you do? May you wish you knew how to avoid falling back into old habits? If the answer is yes, a treatment package is likely what you need. The modules included touch on these questions to help you learn what it means to heal and stay healed. 

If you’re not sure where to start, the program will likely have suggestions about where to begin. With Self-Recovery, there are a few additional resources besides the educational videos. You may also have access to audio lessons, virtual meetings with others, daily check-ins for you to reflect on yourself, or music that is suggested for your journey. With a program like this, because it is self-paced, you will have access to the tools for as long as you continue to be a member. 

A major limitation of this program is that while online meetings are offered each week, you never have to talk with another person in real-time. This may sound easy and comfortable, but let’s go on to explore some of the ways that these may prove to be ineffective. 

Who Uses Self-Recovery?

While a guided self-recovery program may sound appealing, it’s important to consider the kind of individual that would truly benefit from this. To be truly successful, you need to be self-motivated. The material needs to be completed as recommended, which entails completing it promptly, with no distractions, while being brutally honest with yourself. 

Think about the notion of New Year’s resolutions. How often do we make our resolutions and commit to them without accountability? The answer: rarely. How many of us have made an account on Duo Lingo, determined to learn Spanish, and we quit after a week? All of us.

With a guided self-recovery program, there is little to no accountability, which means that all responsibility falls back on you. Yikes. That sounds difficult. For some, this may be the best fit. But if we’re being honest, the lack of community and accountability is likely to cause most people to gain very little from the program. 

Therefore, Centered Recovery may be a better fit for you! Accountability and community is a vital part of our program. While you are in the driver’s seat controlling your own recovery, Centered is dedicated to fostering an environment of support and communication. Our staff at Centered is dedicated to helping you achieve transformational success by taking some of the pressure off your shoulders. You are not on this journey alone, and we are passionate about helping you succeed!

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How Effective is Self-Recovery?

While this program may sound promising for some, how well does it really work? It’s essential to choose a treatment that is backed by scientific studies and proven to be effective in the long term. Currently, there is no evidence suggesting the effectiveness of this particular treatment package. Aspects of this treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy, have been proven effective, but a program backed by empirically tested therapies does not mean the program offered is effective in itself.

Centered Recovery utilizes a mindfulness-based program, which has been proven to provide lasting results for recovery. Mindfulness-based therapies focus on teaching skills that allow you to be more aware of the present moment. Additionally, these techniques serve to help you feel more acceptance towards experiences you have encountered. The goal of mindfulness-based therapies is to foster a non-judgemental attitude towards thoughts, emotions, or sensations you may be feeling and experiencing. There is a body of research that supports the use of mindfulness based techniques, as it has been shown to have a significant impact on overall wellbeing. 

What’s the Difference Between Self-Recovery and Centered Recovery? 

Self-recovery attacks (pow!) addictions or mental health issues primarily through personal effort or self-help strategies. Often, this does not include formal treatment or comprehensive care. This approach relies heavily on an individual’s motivation and self-discipline, but due to its nature, does not provide effective accountability. Because of this, the success of the program can vary greatly from person to person. Unless you are extremely self-disciplined, it may be time to consider additional options regarding your treatment. While this program may sound easier and more comfortable, it’s important to weigh the benefits with the likely downfalls. However, it is important to realize treatment needs will vary, so do your research on treatment and recovery options!

At Centered Recovery, we utilize holistic methods to improve mental, emotional, and physical functioning through the use of mindfulness-based practices. Here, you will be exposed to various practices such as meditation, sound therapy, art therapy, breathwork, yoga, and more! These practices allow you to approach yourself with more compassion and understanding, which is a key component in the success of your recovery journey. At Centered, you will experience a structured, professionally led program that revolves around accountability and connection with others. Additionally, in-the-moment support will be at your fingertips, rather than attempting to navigate challenges alone.

No one has ever felt relief by being overly critical of themselves as they go through a difficult season. Our holistic approach focuses on guiding you toward a more emotionally and mentally healthy space! This is a space that is necessary for long-term healing. The unique, intensive program of Centered Recovery can help understand how your patterns of behavior are formed. And with this understanding, you can begin to effectively move past them!

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Contact Centered Recovery Programs Today!

Now that you know all about our guided program for recovery, contact us to get started! Centered Recovery Programs, located in the heart of Roswell, Georgia, is a mindfulness-based outpatient drug and alcohol rehab treatment program. When choosing the best drug and alcohol treatment program, keeping all these different aspects in mind is essential. Our staff will always tailor your treatment to your needs and goals for the future! 

Whether you prefer to attend treatment in person or need virtual telehealth services, we can help! Centered Recovery has been providing meaningful, quality care to Georgia residents since 2017, and we have the most Google Reviews of any treatment provider in the state–all five stars!

If you have been considering a guided alcohol and drug rehab, or you have been struggling with mild mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, overwhelming stress, or burnout issues, and would like to understand the difference that a mindfulness-based program can make, please give us a call at 800-556-2966 to speak to one of our Admissions Team counselors today!

Written by Sydney Christiansen, Clinical Intern