Addiction Treatment for Attorneys

Attorneys and stress

Stress is a physical, mental and emotional response to life’s changes and demands. Research indicates that people in the legal profession tend to struggle with problematic alcohol use, depression, and anxiety more so than the general population, likely due to high levels of stress associated with their careers. Challenging deadlines, long work hours, and often-emotional situations combined with high college debt in people who are typically high-achievers is basically a perfect storm for stress and anxiety. 

No time for rehab

Additionally, attorneys are often heavily over scheduled and must move at a frenetic pace. This leaves little time for mental health care or even addiction treatment when it is needed. People in the legal profession may not feel they can commit to daily meetings or a long stint in a residential recovery facility. Added to this, people in the legal profession may feel they have “everything together” in their life other than their stress, anxiety, depression, or addiction issues, meaning they simply don’t need many of the ancillary services that some residential facilities include such as career counseling to find a job, housing to get off the streets, or help in securing financial aid. So where do attorneys go for addiction treatment? 

Recovery, elevated

Those with a professional career like attorneys may crave a recovery program that feels a bit more elevated, one that is challenging to them intellectually and spiritually, and one that doesn’t require giving up to a higher power or reliance on meetings to stay sober. This is what makes Centered a perfect addiction treatment for attorneys and other professionals! Our program does not use or require the 12 steps. Moreover, our unique addiction treatment program uses cutting edge neuropsychology and Real Life Mindfulness to help our clients understand their entire psychology, not just “get clean”. This means that attorneys and other professionals can return to their lives with a clear understanding of stress and exactly how to deal with it, allowing them more freedom, more ability to tackle whatever they choose to in life, and of course, without requiring a crutch like alcohol or substances to get them through their day. The cherry on top is that it is all delivered with the flexibility of morning or evening groups, all offered in person or virtually, so you don’t have to miss a beat in your real life while taking care of your mental health and addiction. 

If you’re interested in understanding what makes Centered Recovery’s outpatient addiction treatment program so unique, call us today at 800-556-2966 to learn more!