Are you an inpatient facility?

Looking for inpatient addiction treatment? 

If you are just starting out on your recovery journey, you may be considering inpatient addiction treatment. Inpatient, or residential treatment, provides a safe place for 24 hour care for those in early detox/recovery who need physical support as well as mental health support. At inpatient recovery facilities, nurses work under medical directors 24 hours a day so that all of your medical needs are met while you are detoxing from alcohol or other substances. We often get calls which ask, “Are you an inpatient facility?” 

Does Centered provide inpatient care? 

While Centered does not provide inpatient care, we work with multiple facilities which accommodate a wide range of client needs including various insurances, substances, and age ranges. We only refer clients to inpatient facilities which we have personally vetted. If we recommend a residential treatment program to you or your loved one, you can rest assured that we have physically visited this program, met with some of their staff members, and have received feedback from actual clients about their experience with that facility! We know that if you trust us enough to ask our opinion on another treatment facility, we want to provide you with only trusted resources that we know provide good care with client well-being as the top priority. There are many treatment facilities in the United States, and they are certainly not all created equally. 

Trusted Referrals

If you are looking for inpatient recovery for addiction issues, feel free to call our addiction experts at 800-556-2966. While we don’t provide this level of care, we are happy to hear the type of facility you are looking for and help get you to the best facility that fits your specific needs. Whether you are able to self-pay for treatment or relying on your insurance, whether you’re looking for a home-style feel with a view or a cutting edge medical facility, Centered can help connect you to the inpatient treatment that is best for you.