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Top Mental Health Counselors for Alpharetta

Top Rated Mental Health Counseling

New studies published by JAMA report that the rate of depression in the United States has tripled since the Coronavirus pandemic began a little over a year ago. Reports of suffering from anxiety, distress, and low self-esteem have also risen in that time, and suicide rates and self-reported substance use disorders have also climbed. So with so much uncertainty, you may be like many people wondering where they can turn to get help. If you are looking for the top rated mental health counseling centers in Alpharetta, look no further. We have compiled a list of the top three mental health providers, as rated on Google Reviews, for Alpharetta. 

Mental Health Counselors in Alpharetta

From their website: Their team of anxiety therapists, psychiatrists, life coaches, grief counselors, and more are dedicated to providing you with holistic, comprehensive care. They will utilize a variety of mental health techniques including talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and more. At Thriveworks, they do not believe in waiting lists. they are ready when you need them, whether for in-person counseling or online counseling therapy. When you are ready to get started, call the Thriveworks office to schedule your first appointment. 

From their website: The most comprehensive and effective approach to mental health and wellness focuses on the whole person — their mind, their body, and their environment — not just their symptom or presenting problem. It is all interconnected. Holistic Wellness Practice (HWP) was created so young adults, and adults can have a safe space to deeper their understanding of the whole self-including the interactions between their thoughts, emotions, and behavior. HWP is a group practice located in Alpharetta, GA offering counseling, coaching, complementary and alternative practices, and educational workshops on various health and wellness topics. Their providers specialize in evidence-based methods of practice to help clients successfully overcome present challenges, whether they are long-standing or critical issues.

From their website: Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling (JCAC) offers counseling in Alpharetta, Georgia with counselors that specialize in serving the whole family across the lifespan. They are a family of counselors that support each other as they support you. In addition to traditional hours, they offer evening and weekend appointments at their Alpharetta office. In addition, Johns Creek and Alpharetta Counseling offers Online Counseling from the convenience of your home or office anywhere in the state of Georgia. They provide a wide variety of counseling services such as play therapy, individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family therapy for all issues affecting children, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples, and families.

It’s Okay to Find Help

Whether you were already struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue, or the past year left you struggling, it’s okay to find help for your mental health issues. If you feel that anxiety or depression is interfering with your every day life or keeping you from the healthy life you know you could have, give one of these three facilities a call. If your struggle has included an increasing reliance on alcohol or other substances to get through life, give Centered a call at 800-556-2966 to find out of Centered is the right help for you.