MAP Care Solutions

Centered Recovery Now Offers MAP Care Solutions for Clients

The administrative and clinical teams at Centered Recovery Programs are proud to announce our partnership with MAP Health Management to provide MAP Care Solutions long-term Peer Recovery Support to clients. All eligible clients are now able to access long-term help through MAP Care Solutions and their team of Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists.

Outcomes monitoring is more than just a buzzword or phrase, as there are very real and measurable indicators that show how people are able to not only achieve long-term recovery from substance use disorders, but also improve the overall quality of their lives. More research and data gathering has shown that the ongoing support through intensive outpatient and outpatient services can and should be extended, and peer recovery support specialists are an excellent resource for clients as well as their family members. Other ways people can seek additional help include attending Centered Recovery meetings, which are open to the public, and other available support groups.

As one of the first few programs in Georgia to work with MAP, Centered Recovery continues to demonstrate forward-thinking abilities with focus on improving outcomes and providing high quality services for our clients. We feel it is an honor to work with MAP and team up to offer the ongoing support for sustainable recovery.

MAP Peer Support Specialists

Centered Recovery clients who enroll with MAP Care Solutions will be matched up with a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist who will work with them personally as well as their family members each week. Ideally, the engagement would last 12 months or longer, and is done through phone and video sessions. In addition to these weekly scheduled sessions, clients are able to reach out for help 24 hours a day through MAP’s helpline.

For more information about this service as well as treatment options available at Centered Recovery, contact us today by calling 1-800-556-2966.