Addiction Program Groups at Centered

Addiction Recovery Program Groups

If you have participated in a recovery program before, you may have some idea of what addiction recovery program groups are like. Groups at a typical rehab usually consist of 12 step meetings run by peers or newly graduated clients, therapy process groups, or psychoeducational groups designed to teach you about drugs and alcohol. There is nothing wrong with these types of addiction program groups, and if they work for you, that is wonderful! However, the clients at Centered Recovery are looking for something different from their program groups. Maybe they have already participated in a recovery program like that and found it didn’t work for them. Maybe they know that 12 step recovery doesn’t align with their beliefs about addiction or the recovery process. Maybe they’ve already sat through many educational groups about drugs, alcohol, and addiction, so many that they could teach their own groups, and they know that simply being educated isn’t enough to help them make a real change in their life. After all, we all know that using substances and alcohol is damaging to our bodies, right? We knew that fact long before we ever picked up our first drink. 

So what are program groups at Centered like?

Led by pros!

  • Recovery program groups at Centered are like no other! First, they are not led by peers or newly graduated clients. All groups are led by a trained professional with a background in addiction, mindfulness, and/or clinical psychology training. Recovery groups make up 90% of your week at the intensive outpatient level–shouldn’t that time be spent with a professional?? 

A different education

  • Second, groups at Centered are specifically designed to go well beyond what you already know about addiction–even if you have been to treatment multiple times! We combine Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Behavioral Psychology and throw in a good dose of real world usefulness and humor to provide our clients with an intimate understanding of how their psychological processes work and how they can truly move beyond addictions. You will be confused your first few days, and that is a good thing! After all, if we’re only reminding you of things you already knew or agreed with, how would that help you make the greatest change of your life? 

Engaging Groups

  • Classes are engaging (no boring power points or stale lectures here!), transformative, and useful. We have all been to way too many well-meaning, but absolutely mind-numbing meetings where there was no passion, no fire. We truly believe that immersing yourself in the groups at Centered is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself, for your family, and for your life, and it shows! We are excited about what we do and the groups of amazing clients in front of us, and we are always working to keep the groups alive. If you aren’t excited and ecstatic to go to rehab, maybe you’re in the wrong rehab! 

Learning Style Accomodations

  • We have masterfully blended a mix of learning styles to make sure we are able to speak everyone’s language. Maybe you are a visual learner and need lots of graphics to help you make sense of things. We’ve got you covered! Maybe you enjoy facts and research to back up what you are hearing, we have stacks of articles and references for each group! Perhaps you need to feel the music and work with your hands a bit? We’ve got you covered there, too! Our art therapy groups are a beautiful extension of our intensive program and we love seeing what you can do and work through in art! With our flexible scheduling, every client is able to curate the perfect program for them and attend the groups that speak to them the most–no more suffering through groups that you know don’t really help you! 

Not your Ordinary Group

Even if you have been to rehab ten times, if you have never been to Centered, you have no idea how amazing an addiction recovery program can be! If you truly want to know more about what our addiction program groups are like at Centered, give us a call at 800-556-2966 today!