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12 Step Alternative Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery 

While the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are seemingly synonymous with recovery, in 2021 we have realized that many people need an alternative to the 12 steps if they are to get truly sober. 12 step alternatives are no longer just “alternatives”, but rather, provide viable and meaningful pathways to achieving lasting sobriety and balanced mental health which may prove elusive for some with just the 12 steps alone. That’s why Centered Recovery outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation center was created, with its science-backed Interpersonal Neurobiology program which focuses on helping people understand their own psychological processes and a truly holistic recovery. But where do people go when they need 12 step alternative recovery residential treatment prior to an outpatient program like Centered? We have listed three of the top rated 12 step alternative residential facilities below for your convenience. 

Best 12 Step Recovery Alternatives Including Outpatient Drug Rehabs Atlanta

  • Silver Ridge 

From their website: In the holistic addiction program at Silver Ridge, they view the body as a whole entity. It is not enough to heal the mind or body alone; both must be cared for when walking the road toward recovery. Holistic treatment emphasizes that it is not the substance itself that causes abuse and addiction, but the stresses of everyday life that push someone to seek extreme coping mechanisms. Treating addiction is important, but healing the person is critical. You must reshape the way you interact with the world and your own mind in order to fight the tempting factors that can lead to relapse.

  • Oasis Recovery 

From their website: Oasis Recovery was founded from firsthand experience of addiction and recovery, with a mission of providing a space where people can heal from addiction in a compassionate, creative, open-minded, and heart-centered environment. Through many holistic healing modalities, adventure and experiential therapy, and an extensive, highly-trained support team, they guide their clients in experiencing the wonder and depth of life in recovery—to discover their own oasis, a life they truly love to live. The goal is to heal trauma, gain insight, and uncover the strength and authenticity that allow for deep recovery to emerge.

  • The Saint Jude Retreat 

From their website: At The Saint Jude Retreat, you will have One-on-One classes with world-renowned addiction experts: Mr. Mark Scheeren, Mr. Steven Slate and/or Ms. Michelle Dunbar. They are the co-authors/co-developers of The Freedom Model Program. No other program provides four weeks of private classes with the originators of the worldwide Non-12 Step movement. If your goal is to move past the “alcoholic” or “addict” identity, then The Freedom Model Program at the Saint Jude Retreat may be the right start for you. 

Learn more about Centered Recovery outpatient drug rehabs in Atlanta. We have helped many that have failed at 12-step drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.