12 steps of mindful recovery

12 Steps of a Mindful Recovery

12 Steps of Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery

We humans are creatures of habit. We seek comfort in the things that are known, and are often unable to accept things that are foreign or new simply because we aren’t familiar with them yet. When we first opened our non-12 step addiction recovery facility in the metro Atlanta area, we were met with a lot of resistance from die-hard 12-steppers and others in the community who simply couldn’t understand how a person could recover without those ubiquitous steps through mindful recovery alone. So are there 12 steps for a mindfulness-based addiction recovery? 

Research Proves Mindfulness


For anyone researching mindfulness, they quickly realized the advantages when used in everyday life. You see, it’s not just used effectively in substance abuse rehabilitation. It can and will enrich your life. The skills and techniques will help navigate life.

The evidence is clear: mindfulness is effective in drug and alcohol abuse. It has helped many where the 12-steps have failed. Most of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in the United States are 12-step.

However, there are non-twelve step programs that help 1000’s. in face, sometimes they are more effective, than the traditional 12 steps of AA for addiction recovery. Moreover, proper mindfulness-based recovery programs note that their clients struggle less with sobriety, have less instances of cravings, cravings are for a shorter duration, and that co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, and burnout are often significantly improved or even cease. 

Why Not mindfulness for Recovery? 

Our clients can live a healthy, happy life through mindfulness. One where they aren’t forced to white knuckle their way through sobriety without the need to give everything up to a higher power. They do not need to identify themselves as a “hopeless addict/alcoholic” for the rest of their lives, forced to forever battle against a hopeless disease-

Why wouldn’t they? Part of the answer is that mindfulness still feels, for many, like a foreign concept. People simply aren’t as familiar with other forms of treatment for addiction recovery, and thus, turn away from the unknown, even if it could potentially be 100% better for them. 

A Healthier Community By Our Drug Rehabs Atlanta Team

Our goal at Centered drug rehabs Atlanta is not only to help our clients live healthy, meaningful lives. Also to help our community understand what true mindful awareness is and how life changing it can be. We know that health individuals help support healthier families, and healthier families go on to create healthier communities for us all.

We live and work in the North Atlanta Metro Area, our kids go to school, sports, and socialize here as well. Therefore, while some may see it as too lofty, we strive to help create a healthier community for our own family, friends, and neighbors to live in. One way we attempt to meet the community is by allowing them to feel comfortable with our work. 

Mindful Recovery In Atlanta, Georgia


Our drug rehabs Atlanta, Georgia clients helped create their own “12 Steps of a Mindful Recovery” through a mindfulness perspective. They rewrote the original steps using language that they felt comfortable with, that they found ultimately more impactful and useful to their “centered” mental health and sobriety.

These are shared here on our drug rehab Atlanta, Georgia blog as well as through our social media pages in hopes that people throughout Georgia, and eventually the world, will see that we are writing a whole new book on how to recover from addictions–one that is meaningful, life-changing, and empowering. Get a happier and health life back by calling us now at 1-800-566-2966