Do you accommodate different learning styles?

Learning Styles

Making the decision to go to addiction rehab could be one of the most impactful decisions of your life. Classes that are designed to help you understand your addiction and help you get sober can be life changing, but only if you’re able to understand and absorb what is being shared in the groups! You simply must be able to understand what is being taught in order to make a lasting change. So when people ask us, “Do you accommodate different learning styles?” Our answer is yes! 

Not all Learning Styles Fit All

Many treatment facilities attempt to share the same groups from the same script to all of their clients. If you don’t understand what is being discussed or it simply isn’t impactful for you, you may be labeled “resistant” to treatment, told you must not be serious or ready to get sober, or dismissed altogether. Centered Recovery knows that this type of one size fits all group treatment is not useful! That’s why we are dedicated to providing a wide range of group facilitators and individual therapists that have different specialities, backgrounds, and teaching styles so that you can feel free to try them all and choose the classes that are most meaningful for you! Our group facilitators are trauma informed clinicians, clinicians with a strong background in mindful art therapy, and meditation and yoga experts who draw on their own practices to strengthen their discussions. We also have behavioral psychologists, facilitators with neurobiology backgrounds, and facilitators trained in delivering mindfulness in a practical way. This means that no matter what style of teaching suits you best, you will likely find a group that fits your needs at Centered! 

Truly a Different Way to Recover

Most recovery facilities focus on support groups and working the 12 steps together. While this can be useful for some, Centered Recovery provides a truly different way to recover. Centered knows that most people initially use substances or alcohol as a means to escape their lives–to escape feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, or other unhealthy emotions. Rather than treating the drinking or using, Centered helps clients understand the source of all of their emotions and helps them create meaningful change which allows them to live without the need to escape anything! Along with supporting a “whole health” mentality of body, mind, and spirit, sobriety becomes a natural by-product of good health, rather than something that must be worked at daily to maintain. 

If you are ready to experience true recovery and balance in your life, call Centered today to find out how to begin outpatient treatment in the Metro Atlanta area, or anywhere in Georgia! Centered Recovery provides the best addiction treatment program possible! Call 800-556-2966 today.  

Image Credit: JoanDragonfly / Flickr