Facing Addiction as a Young Adult

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Facing Addiction 

Taking the first step in recovery is one of the hardest things a young adult can do. Owning up to issues and accepting the consequences can be a very demanding gesture, but what it can do for your future is more than beneficial. Things do get better and it all starts with honest reflection and willingness to move beyond your past. 

Being in recovery as a young adult can be very eye opening and a big surprise for those having to face the label as “addict”. It is very easy for a young person to have their brain ignore negative behavior their drug/alcohol use has caused, affecting the people they love the most in this situation. The most difficult part for young people who have an addiction is accepting the reality that what they’re doing isn’t just affecting themselves, but everyone around them.

Anyone, regardless of their age, has the ability to make the decision that their addiction does not have to control their life. It does take maturity to take on the responsibilities of recovery and move forward towards a lifestyle that will bring happiness and success, that doesn’t mean a young adult doesn’t have the discipline to do this for themselves strictly because they are too young.

Many young adults have exactly what it takes to not only turn their life around, but inherit an understanding of themselves to where addiction is not the only problem solved by their better life choices. By learning to accept the reality that addiction has affected their life negatively, they are able to value that problem as an opportunity to become a better, more mature, and healthier human being.

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