Awareness of Self

Awareness of Yourself

I wasn’t always as aware as I am now. In fact, understanding awareness wasn’t the difficult part, it was being able to apply it into my everyday life. It is the ability to tell yourself that a thought is just a thought. It is acknowledging your anxiety, but not giving it too much attention. Anxiety has been a part of me for a very long time.

The more anxious I become the more I shake. I lose focus, am easily angered, and become impulsive. The first time I realized I was acknowledging my anxiety but not allowing it to have so much power over me was in a confrontation with my boss. I reminded myself to not lose focus, actively listen, and to be patient.

We cannot control how other people will react, but we can acknowledge how we feel and control how we react. After taking deep breaths, I realized that I wasn’t shaking anymore. Instead, I was able to get my point across and control how I portrayed myself. I became aware of my anxiety while visiting Centered Recovery’s drug rehabs Atlanta, Georgia addiction treatment centers. I learned to acknowledged it, and moved past it. 

Are You Aware of Yourself?


Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. We tend to be aware of other people’s feelings, our work responsibilities, and our surroundings, but do you ever take the time to be aware of how you’re feeling? Do you acknowledge your emotions and physical reactions when you’re feeling angry or upset?

What is awareness and how do you cultivate it? If you’re realizing that you aren’t aware of how you feel, you’re not alone. In fact, most people don’t take the time to acknowledge how they feel. They don’t have the tools to comfort themselves because of it. Being aware of your own body, emotions, and feelings has many benefits– especially on your path to recovery. 

Examples of Awareness at Our Drug rehabs Alphraetta, Georgia Location

A few examples of awareness within yourself are beginning to notice your emotions and feelings, recognizing a bad habit, or noticing what generates upset within you. You can improve self-awareness through meditation, and learn mindfulness at our drug rehabs Alphraretta, Georgia location, or simply paying attention to where you notice discomfort. A person dealing with substance abuse can’t always have accurate information about themselves.

Substances cloud your judgement and at times can be used to suppress mental health problems instead of dealing with them. It can be detrimental to becoming more aware of yourself and understanding your behaviors. Cravings will rise during recovery and can be hard to ignore sometimes. Practicing awareness can help keep you from giving that thought too much attention. 

Benefits of Being Aware 

Realizing that every thought doesn’t need extra attention can create a peaceful life and be beneficial on your road to recovery. Becoming aware of yourself can help you identify the changes you want to make in your life and build on your strengths. Recognizing our weaknesses can help us set goals that best fit us. It allows growth and better decision making. Just like the sign at Centered states: “Awareness isn’t just the first step, it’s the whole staircase to a new beginning.” 

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Written by Stefanie Mandez, intern from Kennesaw State University