What you need to know about Virtual IOP

What you need to know about Virtual IOP Programs

What you need to know about Virtual IOP

During this time of great uncertainty, the need for mental health and addiction treatment is greater than ever. People are being told to shelter in place, to keep their distance from people outside their own homes, to limit interactions with the outside world. These are all to limit health risks of contracting Covid-19, of course, and we should follow the advice of experts. But during recovery, people tend to need their community more than ever—friends, family, and peer support groups they can turn to as they navigate the waters of sobriety. But how do you get the help you need when you’re under quarantine? 

Can I still participate in an IOP Program during quarantine? 

Yes! Programs all over the country are turning to virtual options to deliver their IOP program using Zoom or other secure group videoconferencing options. Centered Recovery began their online IOP program in January of 2019, so we’ve had over a year to perfect our virtual program. We deliver the same quality program—including interactive groups, all of our unique Skills-Building educational classes, access to our trained facilitators for questions and support, and group and individual therapy led by licensed clinicians. All of these are provided directly to you, in the safety and security of your own home. 

Will my information be secure? 

With our Virtual IOP Program, your private mental and physical health information is completely secure. We use an electronic medical records database, with encrypted passwords. Your portal is accessible only by you, using your email and private password. Our program is delivered via through a teletechnology called Zoom, which features a HIPPA compliant server and will never record or share your information with anyone, ever. Our clients can log in from their personal computer or phone and video conference or telephone conference with us. While our facilitators will need to know who is participating in the group for documentation and insurance purposes, you choose how much you share with your fellow classmates by limiting video or audio at any time. Our facilitators have all been trained to remain HIPPA compliant with our Virtual IOP Program, just as if you were physically present. 

Is the technology difficult to use? 

Not at all! If you can make a phone call, you can access our Virtual IOP Program! We provide dial-in numbers, Zoom codes, and direct web-based links for our groups so you can choose how you’d like to participate. The technology is simple and user-friendly, and we provide brief instructions for those who feel a little more technologically challenged. Once you log in, you’re right there with your favorite facilitator and your peer group, and ready to go! 

Are there still support groups during quarantine? 

Absolutely! We know that the need for support is stronger than ever when you feel isolated from the outside world, your job, your friends. That’s why we made sure your support network remains in place! Our FREE Centered Support groups are still up and running in their own “Zoom Room”, and our Support Facilitators are ready! Share about your week, what you’ve been doing, and how to move forward with others and connect with friends who know what you’re going through! 

I just really want to meet in person. Are there any in person groups I can attend? 

We truly understand that for some, Virtual IOP groups may not hold a candle to being physically present with others who understand you. While it is frustrating to not currently have that option open, Centered Recovery takes the physical health and well-being of our clients and staff very seriously! We want to remain vigilant during this time of uncertainty to help ensure the continued health of everyone we come in contact with. If you join our Virtual IOP program during this time, you will have the option to switch to in-person sessions as soon as Government officials deem it safe to resume in person options. 

Virtual IOP Offer during quarantine only from Centered Recovery

As a special concession during this time, we are offering our clients the ability to access ALL of our virtual groups at ANY TIME they are offered. A typical IOP program consists of three 3 hour skills building or therapy groups, plus one hour of individual counseling. Because we understand that our clients may need extra support during this quarantine, we are offering our clients the ability to access all of the available EIGHT three hour groups offered during the week by our various facilitators, for no extra charge. We want our clients to know that we truly are here for you and want to support you in every way we can during these weeks of uncertainty, and can’t wait to “see” you in our next group! 

Centered Recovery’s Virtual IOP Program allows us to be right by your side, every step of the way. Whether you have just completed a residential program or a detox, or you are simply struggling with increased pressures, anxiety, or depression and may be using substances or alcohol to cope, we are here for you! 

If you need help and are interested in Centered Recovery or the Centered Virtual IOP, call Reed at 800.556.2966.