Centered Recovery offers an online treatment for substance use disorders at the intensive outpatient (IOP) and regular outpatient (OP) levels*.

This is a much-needed service for people who live in more remote areas or for those who are outside of regular driving distance to be able to attend our program.

Through privacy law-compliant technology, we are now able to include people in groups and individual therapy sessions that are fully interactive, rather than just watching videos.

If you live in Georgia and are interested in participating in our online treatment services, contact us today by calling 1-800-556-2966 to get more information about eligibility.

How Online Treatment Works

The process for enrolling in online treatment is simple. A physical examination and drug test is conducted at your primary care physician’s office and then uploaded to our system. Our staff continues with initial intake assessments and then you schedule your group and individual sessions to attend online through a secure service with your facilitators and your primary therapist. Throughout your engagement you continue to take weekly drug screens at your doctor’s office, which we can supply for them.

If this sounds like something that you’re interested in and would like to know more about it, call us today for further details.

*(Currently due to lagging telemental health laws, we can only offer this form of treatment to people residing in the state of Georgia, but that will change as we grow. Additionally, we have virtual recovery groups that others can attend and then pair this with individual therapists in their home states to combine services.)