What is a Non-12 Step Rehab Program?

WHAT IS A NON-12 STEP REHAB PROGRAM?When discussing our program with others, the question often comes up, “What do you mean by a non-12 step program?

In order to answer this, sometimes it is easier to say what we are not, because we are many things to many individuals. First of all, we are not anti-12 step. Although we point out several differences, we acknowledge the fact that there are many paths for people to recover, and that all are valid that are able to help create positive change in their lives.

We are also not a medical model or a dual-diagnosis program. We seek to do what we do best, and instead work with other professionals to address additional healthcare needs in a collaborative fashion. For clients who need additional services, we connect them up with appropriate doctors and mental health practitioners as needed.

Essentials of Our Non-12 Step Program

The core of Centered Recovery is based on 30+ classes/topics for learning, group discussion and processing that is rooted in mindfulness practices. The goal is to create an environment to receive these lessons, as they apply to each individual in their unique circumstances, and increase their understanding of themselves and their interaction with life. Each topic stands on its own but is also related to others in how they are addressed, and the material is gathered from many different teachers, philosophers, researchers, authors, doctors, psychologists and coaches that all share their understandings of universal truths. This compilation, and the manner in which it is compiled and delivered, is what makes our program so unique.

This curriculum is fortified by individual therapy sessions with our licensed clinicians, as well as additional services such as neurofeedback, and more. We help people find their own way, which can ultimately only come from them.

The Results of Our Program

People who are willing to commit the time and immerse themselves into this program are reporting incredible changes in their lives. After all, it’s not just about sobriety, it really is about improving the overall quality of living that starts with the desire to cover it up through habitual use of substances or other behaviors.

How long does it take? There is no set time period, as each individual is different. Six (6) to eight (8) weeks is usually the minimum amount of time it can take to start to produce significant change and a greater understanding and application of the concepts we teach. Many people prefer to stay engaged longer and spend three (3) months or more.

If you are looking for a truly unique and effective non-12 step rehab program for alcohol or other drug abuse, contact us today. Call 1-800-556-2966 now to find out more.