Spotlight on Brittany!

Choosing a rehab can be nerve-wracking. When you are facing what can be one of the most vulnerable times in your life, you want to feel comfortable with the team responsible for your care. The team at Centered Recovery answered a few questions about themselves to help you get to know them and know that at Centered, you’re with caring, dedicated professionals who all have a shared vision for you and their clients: complete mental and physical health to live your best lives ever!


Meet Brittany Hopkins, LPC

What is your background/education?
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling all from Georgia State University

Any personal info: married, kids, pets, hobbies you’d like to share?
I have a dog, Sadie, who is a Pomeranian and long hair chihuahua mix. She has tons of energy, so I enjoy taking her on long walks and talking her to the dog park. I just recently resumed practicing yoga and hope to grow physically, spiritually and emotionally within that practice in the next few months. I also enjoy trying new restaurants around Atlanta with friends and family.

What is your role at Centered?
I serve as Clinical Director and Primary Therapist at our Roswell location. All clients at Roswell see me at least once during their journey, and I lead a process group every Friday afternoon to close out the week. 

What do you love about Centered?
I love that Centered is really paving the way for an alternative approach to addiction recovery. Centered is open minded to the needs of individual clients. And the staff is seriously the best ever, so caring and dedicated.

What mindfulness/therapy book do you recommend right now? Why?
I’m always a fan of the Untethered Soul. It was one of the first books that really, simplistically helped me understand that we are not our thoughts. We can meet every thought and emotion, whether joyful or painful, with openness. We can know that we are having an experience, we are not THE experience.