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Podcasts We Love: Find Your Spark

Resources for the soul

While Centered Recovery has the most flexible outpatient program in Georgia, we know that there are times our clients may need a little more fuel for downtime and weekends. Our client’s loved ones often ask us what to read or listen to as well! The Centered Recovery team is always reading, listening, and learning from behavioral psychologists, mental health professionals, neurologists, and professional coaches in order to cultivate our own deep understanding. We’re happy to share resources with people who are interested in a little mindful “brain food”. With this in mind, we frequently provide our recommendations for books, articles, online resources, and of course, podcasts! In this edition of Podcasts We Love, we are sharing “Find Your Spark”. 

The Spark Initiative

The Spark Initiative, which stands for “Speaking to the Potential And Resilience inside every Kid”,  is billed as a “non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate human potential and resilience through an understanding of the mind.” They offer educational programs for schools, mentoring programs, and individual coaching and have an evidence-based curriculum with amazing results! Brooke Wheeldon-Reece and her team are doing amazing things in schools and beyond! If you’d like more information about The Spark Initiative, email them at info@thesparkinitiative.com


To start off, check out Episode 38: Looking Past Guilt to Find the Answer. In this episode, Brooke and Ashley unpack why you already know what to do and why guilt is never giving you the right answer. If you’re curious about moods and emotions and how they might play a role in your life, try Episode 22/23: Understanding Moods. Finally, don’t miss Ashley and Brooke on Episode 36: It’s Not Broken, so Stop Trying to Fix It. 

If you love the Find Your Spark podcast like we do, drop us an email or comment on our FB page. Tell us your favorite episodes! If you have recommendations for other amazing resources like this one for our Podcasts We Love section, we’d love to hear them!