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About Centered Recovery

About Centered Recovery Programs Drug Rehabs Roswell, Georgia

Our drug rehabs Roswell, Georgia team would like to wish you a happy summer! Here is a short introduction to holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Centered Recovery is the only full mindfulness based outpatient program for substance abuse recovery and mental health in the state. Our substance abuse rehabilitation centers in Roswell, Georgia provide the following addiction treatment services.

  • PHP or partial hospitalization program
  • intensive outpatient program, or best IOP drug rehabs in Roswell servicing Atlanta, Georgia
  • OP addiction treatment centers or OP

The IOP and OP rehabilitation services are offered both virtually and in person. they are also offered as Education Only groups for clients who already have established relationships with clinicians and just need an extra boost in moving towards balanced mental health.

A Few Facts About Our Georgia Drug Rehabs and Locations

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We’ve been one of the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers in Georgia since 2017. We are different in that we are holistic, provide mindfulness techniques and are a non-12 step substance abuse rehabilitation center. We have two locations that also service the Atlanta, Georgia. Here you can find the location of our addiction treatment centers.

Best IOP Drug Rehabs Roswell

1250 Upper Hembree Road, Suite E

Roswell, GA 30076


Our mindfulness approach to drug and alcohol addiction has helped 1000’s get into long-term recovery. This unique program provides tools need to sustain sobriety. Understanding that mindfulness can be applied in different modalities. Here are some of the different strategies we use in our protocols. 

  • Cognitive Therapy (Mindfulness based) 
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy (Mindfulness based)
  • Dialectical
    Behavioral Therapy (Mindfulness based)
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

We also cover Georgia in others areas like the drug rehabs Atlanta area. This is due to the great success we have in Roswell. Substance abuse rehabilitation is greatly needed. It is estimated that over 20 million go with treatment every year. In fact, due to the Corona virus opiate overdoses are at an astounding rate of 200 per day! 

We Are More Than Just An IOP Drug Rehab Program 

Our IOP drug rehab program is intensive with 3-hour groups. The first thing you learn is, “What is mindfulness?” We deep dive into helping clients cultivate awareness of the self, their emotions, their patterns of behavior, and their relationships.

Many clients liken it to a college dialogue course about Mindful Awareness. The curriculum
is comprehensive and covers everything from co-dependency to urge surfing to
expectations of others to work performance and burnout. A client can come to any of our substance abuse rehabilitation programs in Roswell every day for over 12 weeks and never repeat a group!  At least 2 classes a week are free form discussion groups led by a master facilitator. These are the “expert level” groups and are always evolving.

We have clients who have attended this class for over 3 years because it just keeps adding value to their lives. We currently offer 5 mornings a week and 3 evenings a week to cover a wide range of
scheduling needs! This includes our red light therapy and vitamin screening for clients who need a little additional health boost!

While our clinical program (PHP, IOP, and OP) is top notch with licensed clinicians providing excellent care and case management services. Our secret weapon is our program. Clients have truly never experienced groups like these—intense, mind-blowing education that is truly meaningful, and helps them in any aspect of their life—whether it’s the 12th step, cultivating a loving relationship, being a mindful parent, or moving through their career without stress and burnout.

Our Ideal Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Client

We are not like other drug rehabs. We are happy to serve anyone with a serious interest in the unique offerings we have here at Centered! However, our typical client is a bit more mature with an average age range is 30-60. They generally have obtained higher education. they are doing well in other areas of life including marriage, family, and career,

However, they just can’t seem to figure out how to deal with life’s stressors or has had trauma
interrupt their journey. We’re well aware of the rampant epidemic of silent strugglers. These include clients who know they drink too often or drink or use substances to alleviate stress but don’t
necessarily need residential treatment at this time in their lives.

We have the most Google Reviews of any drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in the state! Seriously, take a look! They aren’t about how pretty our facility is (although it is), or even about how caring and supportive our clinical staff are (although they are). They’re about the life-changing incredible program we offer that is about so much more than addiction recovery!

What We’d Love

best IOP drug rehabs Roswell helping Atlanta and Roswell near me

Our drug rehabs Roswell, Georgia team would LOVE to build a network with all area clinicians who are serious about getting their client the additional help they need. Professionals who want to move their clients beyond suffering from addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout. We want every one of your clients who could benefit from our groups to have access to them—whether in person or virtually—for as long as they find it meaningful and useful for their journey.

We want to partner with you to have you offer the individual and family counseling they need. All the  while we do the intensive deep dives into a wide range of topics that are beneficial for curating a Centered life. We would love to have the opportunity to invite your adult clients to one free group (some minimal screening to ensure the client would be an appropriate fit is required.)

If you would like to hear more about our program or share about the services you offer your
clients in the community, please reach out to us at 800-556-2966 to schedule a phone call, Zoom chat, or quick in-person tour!

Roswell Office: 770-410-4894
We can’t wait to hear from you!

Reed and Krista Smith, owners