Thank You Team

Thank You to the Centered Team

Thank You to Our Team

We want to acknowledge and sincerely thank the entire Centered Team for their tireless dedication to the clients of Centered Recovery. That there was an unprecedented pandemic occurring in the world around us certainly wasn’t visible on this team of amazing clinicians, medical, and admin staff. They jumped right in to the new rules of delivering care with social distancing, all virtual services, and adapting to ever changing scheduling issues without skipping a beat. At a time when our clients have experienced more stress, uncertainty, and loss than ever before, they were met with acceptance, calm, and wisdom to help them steer through the storm. The reviews have been pouring in from clients new and old alike–how amazing the classes have been, what caring and compassion the staff have shown, and how they feel stronger than ever–even during a quarantine–with the knowledge and understanding they have gained at Centered. So thank you, team.

Our simple dream to present the world with a truly meaningful recovery program would not be possible without the men and women who support it, guide it, and provide their crucial services day in and day out–and to do all that while juggling their own quarantine, children at home, and uncertainty about the health and safety of themselves and their loved ones is truly a beautiful feat. 

Well done, team.

I’m proud to be here with you! And I look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us!