Centered CARF Accreditation

CARF Announces Accreditation for Centered Recovery

Centered Recovery Announces 3 year Accreditation by CARF International


Centered Recovery opened its doors to provide mindfulness-based addiction recovery programs in Roswell in August of 2017, and quickly grew to include a location in Marietta. Centered Recovery currently offers Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Addiction Treatment and General Outpatient Programming to clients from all over Georgia, as well as its unique Mindfulness-based program as a standalone Educational Program to clients from all over the world. 

Centered Recovery was recently accredited for 3 year accreditation, the highest a facility can be rated, for both its locations for addiction recovery programs and mental health programs in Roswell and Marietta, GA. 

A CARF accreditation represents the highest endorsement that can be given to an organization, and clearly illustrates Centered Recovery’s dedication to providing excellent addiction recovery and mental health care to Georgia residents. 

Accreditation is a rigorous process including months of planning and training to ensure all details of Centered’s program, from top to bottom, met or exceeded CARF standards. It included a thorough, multi-day peer review by which Centered staff demonstrated their commitment and knowledge of all aspects of client care to the highest standards.  

“For our first accreditation, it’s a nice honor to be accredited for the 3 full years. This shows that CARF has confidence in the scope of work Centered has been providing, and will continue to provide to Atlanta area residents,” said Reed Smith, Director of Client Services. 

“We have taken our time to ensure we did things the right way,” says Krista Smith, CEO of Centered. “We are known in the community for having a great reputation, and that is because we never cut corners anywhere, but especially not where client care is concerned. While the CARF accreditation process is complex, I never doubted that we would be fully accredited. Everything we do–from our comprehensive program to our amazing team–is top notch.” “We wouldn’t have it any other way,” adds Tristen O’Bannon, who serves as Marketing Specialist. 

Centered Recovery understands the need for non-12 step addiction treatment in Georgia and beyond, and is committed to long-term growth to provide their outstanding services to reach as many clients as possible. For more information about their mindfulness-based addiction and mental health programs, please visit