benefits of IOP Roswell

Benefits of IOP

The Benefits of Attending an IOP

Have you ever wondered what addiction treatment looks like from the inside? Would you like to know the benefit of IOP in Roswell? Are you debating if attending an IOP at Centered Recovery Programs, is a good fit for you or your loved one? Many people are curious about what is involved in the treatment of substance use. Often, people will need varying levels of care depending on where they are at in their journey to recovery, and we are here to help answers some common questions about what each step involves, including attending an IOP.

Defining Levels of Care

There are different levels of care for substance use depending on the needs of the person seeking treatment. Some treatment involves residential or inpatient services, and other treatments can be on the outpatient level of care, such as an PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) or IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program). We commonly see individuals that have completed residential treatment to then step-down to a level of care, such as an IOP. These programs are great for you if you are looking to continue your recovery while integrating back into your daily routines, such as work or family life, so that you can continue to get the support that you need.

What is involved in IOP?

So, you may be wondering, what exactly happens at IOP and what is involved in this level of care? Our intensive outpatient program at Centered Recovery Programs involves a minimum of 10 hours of structured treatment each week, including individual and group therapy sessions. We also offer mindfulness-based groups such as sound baths, breathwork, and yoga. IOP programs typically last anywhere from 8-12 weeks.  This allows time for you to focus on strengthening coping skills, mindfulness practices, and creating a treatment plan that works for you! You will connect directly with staff to make sure you have the resources and tools to reach your goals and have the support you need along the way. Making sure that every individual is equipped with individualized treatment, relapse management, and social support is a top priority of an IOP program. 

Benefits of Attending an IOP

Now that you have a better understanding of what is involved in attending an IOP, you may be thinking, what are the benefits compared to other types of treatment? Some key benefits of attending an IOP include:

  • Flexible scheduling that works around your daily life and other commitments
  • Virtual and in-person options for group sessions
  • Personalized treatment with an individual therapist based on your specific needs and goals
  • Specific relapse prevention management
  • Higher levels for community support and connection
  • Access to space and time to practice new skills and coping strategies
  • Addresses psychological, social, and addiction issues to integrate care for overall wellness

Is IOP right for you?

Deciding to enroll in an IOP is a great step to further your recovery and well-being.  Taking that step takes courage and strength. If you are looking for a flexible and consistent treatment to help with substance use and mental health, an IOP may be a great option for you! Our mindfulness based IOP at Centered Recovery Programs in Roswell, GA can help you in real-time recovery and gaining control of your life. If you want to learn more about our program and see if we are a good fit for you, contact us today at 800-556-2966. Your IOP journey begins here!

Written by Jennifer Lopes, BS Psy