Restart Your Life at Centered Recovery

Each week we have the opportunity to work with amazing people who have decided to create a new life and enter our program. These include men and women who live locally as well as those who come from out of state.

In many cases people feel that their choices are limited when it comes to looking for a rehabilitation program that will work best for them, yet there are always options. Sometimes this means applying some creative solutions to get what you need. Many substance abusers have used these skills for destructive behavior in the past, and redirecting this creativity toward something constructive is much easier and healthier.

This is often the case for people seeking treatment centers that provide alternatives to their regular 12 step programs that use AA/NA. There aren’t a lot of these programs around, and there aren’t any around that use the unique blend of services that we offer, either in the Atlanta area or other parts of the country.

People who are motivated to change and want to take advantage of our program do have the ability to attend even if they are out of state. Commuting back and forth a couple miles each day during the week between a monitored, structured sober living environment and our program provides an opportunity to participate in long-term, non-12 step treatment that would be a fraction of the cost as a residential facility. For people responsible enough to do this, it is a great opportunity to experience this program.

If you would like more information, please call us at 1-800-556-2966 to speak with our Client Services department.