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We are often asked if we offer Executive Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Atlanta at Centered Recovery. While we are not a residential facility, we do offer Top Rated Executive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs! Typically outpatient programs follow a residential treatment program, so what are the top reviewed Executive Residential Drug Treatment programs in the country? 

Unique Needs for Executives

The needs of an executive needing addiction treatment can be unique. Privacy is usually a top priority, as public perception can have real world ramifications in their professional life. Executives also typically need access to computers or phones to coordinate with their business at home, whereas most residential treatment facilities have strict policies regarding outside contact. Additionally, top executives, public figures, and celebrities often have become accustomed to finer foods and surroundings and may feel uncomfortable in more utilitarian facilities. 

Top Rated Executive Rehab in Atlanta, Georgia

There are many residential treatment programs in Atlanta and across the US to choose from. Here are the highest ranked executive residential programs in the United States today: 

  • Silver Ridge

With 4.4 stars in Google Reviews, Silver Ridge is one of the top ranked executive residential treatment facilities in the US. Located a short drive away near Asheville, NC. From their website:
Silver Ridge specializes in providing clinically effective addiction treatment for professional adults suffering from substance abuse issues. The Silver Ridge program focuses on the well-being of the whole person by providing a safe place free from the pain of addiction through the encouragement of personal exploration and therapeutic practices.

  • Cliffside Malibu

With 4 stars, Cliffside Malibu is one of the top rated residential treatment facilities in the country for executives. From their website: Cliffside Malibu employs a three-fold approach to addiction treatment that creates the foundation for lasting recovery. One, we employ intensive one-on-one psychotherapy using the Stages of Change model. Two, we complement intensive therapy with carefully chosen, evidence-based holistic treatments. Third, we employ the first two tools together to create changes in the brain consistent with the ways neuroscience research suggests addiction can be overcome. Together, this treatment protocol is synergistic, creating treatment outcomes that are more effective than any individual part on its own.

  • Deer Hollow Recovery

With 4.7 stars, Deer Hollow is the highest reviewed Residential Executive Addiction Treatment facility on our list. Located in Draper, Utah. From their website: Deer Hollow adheres to cutting edge, evidence based, best practice intensive trauma programming. We address the mental and emotional well-being of our clients through our intensive program. By participating in our unique formulary of clinical groups, we are able to teach the client how to recognize unhealthy patterns, learn more effective coping skills, and give them the opportunity to practice these new approaches in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

After Residential Treatment

After detox, residential, or stabilization, Centered Recovery offers an executive outpatient addiction treatment centers in Atlanta have flexible scheduling and privacy for busy executives with an engaging, cutting edge Educational/Skills Building program that is life changing for even the most discerning executive. If you’d like more information about our Outpatient Program or a recommendation for another top Residential Program, call Reed at 800-556-2966 today.