Will the Coronavirus affect my addiction treatment?

Coronavirus in Atlanta

The metro Atlanta area is buzzing as news of confirmed cases of Covid-19, also known as the “Coronavirus”, are announced. As schools are closed, public events are postponed or canceled, and even health facilities are closing for all clients who are non-emergent, those who are in addiction treatment or thinking about seeking treatment may be wondering: Will the Coronavirus affect my addiction treatment? 

Advice to the public

While the CDC is urging caution, not panic, some are already noticing the effects the Coronavirus is having on their every day life. Retail and online stores are out of some essentials such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper, and public events and even some churches are postponing in-person events and gatherings. The general consensus is to avoid public places with large gatherings of people, and if you do have to go out, to try to limit your exposure to the germs of others by keeping some distance between you and other people if at all possible. It is also advised to wash your hands, diligently and often, and try to avoid touching your face as much as possible. If you feel ill, have a cough or a fever, call your primary care physician as soon as possible to report your symptoms and limit your exposure to others. 

Coronavirus and Addiction Treatment

So what does this mean for your addiction treatment? Is it safe to attend large classes or groups with other people during this time? Is there any way to limit your exposure to this outbreak? Centered Recovery is one of the only addiction treatment facilities in the state of Georgia who already offers a full online addiction treatment program. This means that whether you are ill, or just concerned about catching something from others, you can still participate in the amazing mindfulness-based addiction treatment program offered by Centered Recovery. This includes full participation in our group therapy sessions, skills building classes, and individual therapy sessions with a licensed clinician. With Centered Recovery’s online IOP program, you aren’t watching pre-recorded videos of someone else’s class–you are a full participant in the discussion and free to ask questions, make comments, and hear from others in your group. Don’t let the Coronavirus, flu season, or even simple illness prevent you from getting the addiction treatment help you need, when you need it! 

Is Online IOP secure? 

Centered Recovery uses a HIPPA-compliant, fully confidential platform to broadcast its group and individual sessions to you, wherever you are! The platform and links are secure, and our clinicians have all earned certifications in telemental health services training so they are comfortable and knowledgeable about providing online services to you. With a few easy precautions, online IOP is just as secure as an in-person session, and allows you to get the addiction treatment help you need no matter what is happening in the world outside!

Centered Recovery is ready for the Coronavirus, flu season, and your kids spring sports games-by offering online IOP, your recovery is completely portable from day one! For more information on our in-person or online addiction recovery program, call Reed now at 800.556.2966.