PAWS and recovery

What is PAWS?             At first glance, you might think we are referring to our furry friends’ feet.  Not quite.  PAWS stands for post-acute withdrawal syndrome and is not to be confused with acute withdrawal.  So how does PAWS affect recovery?  What’s the Difference Between Acute Withdrawal and PAWS?  Acute withdrawal is the initial symptoms […]

Importance of Sleep

Importance of Sleep in Addiction Recovery

Why is sleep important in addiction recovery? Sleep.  The peaceful slumber and dreamland that provides necessary rest and rejuvenation for the mind and body.  Let’s face it, not many do get the required sleep and rest needed.  If you are new in recovery, your sleep cycle might be disrupted because of drugs and alcohol.  Gordon […]

How to Survive Post-Acute Withdrawal With Mindfulness

Evidence for mindfulness being a key element in recovery is growing every day! Here’s how mindfulness can help an often overlooked aspect of recovery–PAWS. Have patience. Your addiction wasn’t created in a day, it obviously won’t go away in one day. You can’t hurry recovery. Some days will fly by, others may seem to crawl […]