Centered Recovery Programs Holds Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Innovative addiction treatment center celebrates Recovery Month with distinguished guests (Roswell, GA) – Last Wednesday, September 13th, The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at Centered Recovery Programs, which is a non-12 step outpatient substance abuse treatment and education program. In addition to many community leaders and Chamber Ambassadors, the Read More

The Peace That Comes With Vacations

Peace and contentment come from peaceful places…don’t they? I’m lucky enough to be sitting in a beautiful cabin on the top of a mountain this weekend. Far above the hum of traffic, away from shopping malls and grocery stores and the duties of my own house, this house feels like a quiet refuge, even if Read More

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The Best Outpatient Program

When there are thousands of choices, which one is best? Many families that call us have so many questions about drug treatment programs simply because most of us never stop to consider what drug treatment might include until we need it for ourselves or our loved one…and when that happens we are usually in a Read More


Can A Hurricane Teach You About Mental Health?

If you live anywhere in the southeast United States, the recent hurricane season activity has been hard to miss. Nearly every news outlet has been covering the storms that have just passed, and the ones out in the ocean yet to come. Social media is flooded with people worrying about whether they need to evacuate, Read More

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Our Favorite Restaurant and Your Recovery

My family and I were regulars at a small restaurant in our town for a few years. The food was good, the interior was cute and clean, and the service—the employees—were amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the people there: how one waiter always seemed to have a new magic trick to show our kids, how the Read More

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Art Therapy? or Art in Therapy?

Many substance abuse recovery centers claim “art therapy” among their methods of treatment, but to professional art therapists there can be a wide gap between using “art in therapy” and Art Therapy. The distinction is subtle, but important. Art activities, such as coloring or making sock puppets, can be done by teachers, volunteers, or even Read More


Addiction Doesn’t Happen In A Bubble

Addiction doesn’t happen in a bubble. Why should your recovery? If you’re considering a substance abuse recovery program, you probably realize that there are a multitude of programs, facility types and sizes, and both residential and outpatient. It can be completely overwhelming to begin to wade through the choices, compare one center to the next, Read More

Are You Addicted to Your Smart Phone?

Our last blog, “Is a Life Without Boredom Healthy?” talked about the distinct lack of boredom in this technology-filled society, and how that boredom may be beneficial to your mental health and clarity about your life. If you watched the Ted Talk mentioned, you know the speaker addressed the ubiquitousness of smart phones and their Read More

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Is a Life Without Boredom Healthy?

Is a Life Without Boredom Healthy? When was the last time you had nothing to do, nothing to entertain yourself with? In the age of smart phones and Tivo, it’s hard to imagine. Even if your Facebook and Twitter feeds get stale, there’s always Candy Crush and entire seasons of House of Cards to catch Read More

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Don’t Have Time to Meditate?

Here’s why you should anyway!  We all hear wise gurus detail the benefits of sitting in silence, of meditation. We hear our pastors preach that we should spend time in prayerful reflection every day, communing with God and being grateful. We usually nod and mentally say “yup…sounds like a good idea”. We may even try Read More