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Understanding Urges Through Mindfulness

The newest buzzword in addiction recovery is “mindfulness”. Addiction recovery specialists are finally noticing what people have known for centuries, that the practice of mindfulness is helpful to everyone, but particularly people recovering from an addiction. In a recent article published on Psychology Today, Applying Mindfulness in Relapse Prevention, the author discusses the merits of Read More

Urge Surfing

Could Mindfulness be the End of Addiction?

Addiction has been a topic of many scientific studies and discussions for well over 400 years.  The use of substances to  have been used  in religious ceremonies, in battle, medicinally and recreationally for centuries (1).  While experts don’t always agree on the best method for recovering from addiction, most agree the first step is becoming Read More

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The Heroin Triangle

Atlanta’s local NBC affiliate, 11Alive, has produced an in-depth series about the heroin problem facing the northern suburbs. It is called the Heroin Triangle, and it includes four video segments and detailed narrative about the very real problem here in the South. You can view them all below. Researchers found that, like other areas around Read More